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DragonFly Shares Some Bea and the Bug News!

Bea & The Bug Happenings for 2002!

Despite sticky Washington weather on July 10th, hundreds of kids piled into Carter Barron Amphitheater to see The Education & Entertainment Foundation's The Bea & The Bug Extravaganza For Children! Everyone had a wonderful time! The morning show brought kids from daycare centers, nursery schools, camps, and other summer programs. Many children enjoyed the show so much that they brought their parents to the show that evening.

In this year's show, Morgan decides that she wants to write stories just for fun. She does so with a pen and pad and the help of her friends, Trevor, BungleBug®, HoneyBea®, Wise Old DragonFly®, and the entire audience. They all meet historical figures including Ms. Nellie Bly, Mr. Benjamin Banneker, and Mr. Lewis and Mr. Clark. Also in the performance were the Gnats who opened the show with the BungeBug Band in a music hall fashion.

The fast-paced musical show was directed and choreographed by Ms. Elena Velasco with music direction by Ms. Barbara Schelstrate. It was the premier performance of this exciting new script written by Mr. Duncan Hood and Mr. Matthew Johnson. The performance was funny, entertaining, and witty for the children and the adults in the audience.

- Written by Andy Tonken, age 15

Once again in 2002, special guest Mrs. Virginia E. Hayes Williams sang You Can Make a Difference, accompanied by Mr. Bob Levy and Mr. Brig Owens, and the entire audience joined in! Ziganinny!

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