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Various Bea and the Bug Rehearsal Photographs

Dr. Charles Drew

Rehearsal - An actor watches the rehearsal as he waits to rehearse his part of Dr. Charles Drew, who invented a way to ship blood overseas, saving the lives of thousands of military members.

Director and Bugs

Rehearsal - Our Director gives HoneyBea and DragonFly notes between rehearsals for the show at Carter Barron.

Stretching before the show

Rehearsal - Already wired for sound, an actress stretches before putting on her costume for the performance.

Junior Assistant Producer

Rehearsal - Junior Assistant Producer follows the script to help with lines when needed!

Band Rehearses

Rehearsal - The Bea and the Bug band rehearses before a show!

Readying a wig

Rehearsal - Making a careful wig adjustment!

Readying a wig

Behind the scenes - Associate Producer works on the show.


Script Writers - (L to R) Duncan Hood, Matthew Johnson, and Jim Lefer.


Behind the scenes - Sound Operator and Stage Manager.

Catch the Vision!


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