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Carter Barron 2001! BungleBug, in his imaginary storm hat, is excited that he is about to meet Amelia Earhart!

Roberdeau, L'Enfant, and Isaac

Carter Barron 2001! Roberdeau, Pierre L'Enfant, and Isaac think about the new plans for the Capitol building.

BungleBugs and Mrs. Williams Sing

Carter Barron 2001! The BungleBug singers and Mrs. Virginia E. Hayes Williams, (D.C. Mayor Williams's mom) sing You Can Make A Difference.

Mrs. Virginia E. Hayes Williams

Carter Barron 2001! BungleBug and HoneyBea introduce Mrs. Virginia E. Hayes Williams (the D.C. Mayor's mom) to the audience.

The Weather

Carter Barron 2001! The Weather enters to explain themselves to the Bea & the Bug through The Weather Song.

HoneyBea, BungleBug, and DragonFly

HoneyBea, BungleBug, and DragonFly are silenced by the brilliant conclusions of Dr. Charles Drew, doctor and athlete!


Trevor, complete with imaginary storm hat!

Catch the Vision!


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