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Engineers Singing

Carter Barron 2000! Pierre L'Enfant, Isaac, and Roberdeau sing the engineers theme song.

Amelia Earhart

Carter Barron 2000! Amelia Earhart teaches the BungleBugs how to fly!!


DragonFly prepares for a time travel thunderstorm!

Characters are Amazed

Carter Barron 2000! HoneyBea, DragonFly, BungleBug, Trevor & Emily are just amazed!!

BungleBug Cast Singing

Carter Barron 2000! "You Can Make a Difference!", sung by the BungleBug cast!

Mayor Williams and His Mom

The Mayor and His Mom star in "The Bea & The Bug!" with Bernard Grant.

Mayor Williams and Gale Nemec

Mayor Anthony Williams, who is dressed like a BungleBug, and Gale Nemec, Executive Producer/Creator, participate in The Bea & The Bug!

Catch the Vision!


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