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Trevor and Morgan

Trevor promises not to make fun of Morgan's idea.

Morgan, Trevor, and Bugs

Morgan, HoneyBea, BungleBug, Wise Old DragonFly, and Trevor.

Nellie Bly and Bugs

BungleBug, HoneyBea, Nellie Bly, and Wise Old DragonFly.


A captivated audience member!

Cast Sings with the Audience

Cast sings You Can Make a Difference with the audience.

Honorary Committee Sings

Honorary Committee members Bob Levy, Mrs. Williams, and Brig Owens sing You Can Make a Difference.

Meet the children

After the show, HoneyBea and Mrs. Williams meet children from the audience.

Welcome to Carter Barron

Executive Producer and Creator welcomes guests to Carter Barron Theater.

Benjamin Banneker

Children's National Medical Center. Benjamin Banneker talks about making a clock.

Lewis and Clark

Lewis and Clark at Childrens National Medical Center.

Catch the Vision!


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