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Mayor's Letter

It is once again my pleasure to support The Bea and the Bug! Extravaganza for Children!, a model community service event in our commitment to provide opportunities for our children.

While government can be the catalyst, it cannot create a program for every problem. However, with community partnerships like The Bea & The Bug!, we create more programs that are vital to the prosperity of our children.

By providing educational entertainment for children, The Bea and the Bug! can help to promote leaning and understanding through performing arts. More importantly, the family-oriented activities reinforce the importance of a strong home and good role models for our young.

Caring for our children is no more and no less than the cornerstone of any society that aspires to greatness. I am pleased to see you embracing that message and encourage others to follow your example.

Anthony A. Williams
Washington, DC

Catch the Vision!

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