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Cast and Crew

The July 2002 Performance at Carter Barron Amphitheater featured:

BungleBug: Mr. Blake Grobe
DragonFly: Mr. John Allnutt
HoneyBea: Ms. Shannon Dunne
Gnats: Ms. Amy Jacobs and Ms. Lora Bofill
Morgan: Ms. Marisha Gozdawa
Trevor: Mr. Ricardo Frederick Evans
Benjamin Banneker: Mr. Ricardo Frederick Evans
Nellie Bly: Ms. Marisha Gozdawa
Meriwether Lewis: Ms. Marisha Gozdawa
William Clark: Mr. Ricardo Frederick Evans
Special Guest: Ms. Virginia E. Hayes Williams, former opera singer

Director: Ms. Elena Velasco
Script Writer: Mr. Matthew Johnson and Mr. Duncan Hood
Music Director: Ms. Barbara Schelstrate
Band: Chris Buchanan, William Tayborn, John Burke, and Anthony Manough
Stage Manager: Ms. Kristen Cornwall
Video Producer: Mr. Andrew Aurbach
Costumes: Ms. Cat DeMerode
Props: Ms. Libby Sallaway

Web Site: Mr. Rob Simmons
Executive Producer/Producer/Creator: Ms. Gale B. Nemec

Produced in cooperation with the National Park Service

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