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Cast and Crew

The BungleBugs are Performing all Around the Town!

Interactive, multimedia, musical theatre that highlights American history. Now available to schools!

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In 2011, the library at Stuart Hobson Middle School, Washington DC, was filled with excitement and enthusiasm. The SHMS Builders Club was hosting the Kiwanis Club of Capitol Hill. Ms. Gale Nemec, producer of The Bea & the Bug, gave a presentation on American History.

In 2009, The Bea & the Bug, Writing Stories, Wowser Bowser! won the Capital Fringe Festival family-friendly category in a landslide, capturing nearly two-thirds of the vote.

Ms. Gale Nemec (Executive Producer) performed in the Hexagon variety show. The shows were preformed at Duke Ellington School of the Arts during March 2002. All money raised via ticket sales went to Hospice.

Alex Bastini (BungleBug) finished playing the role of Heck Tate in "To Kill a Mockingbird" at Tapestry Theatre Company, which completed its run the first weekend in February 2002. Alex previously played spoiled millionaire playboy Edward Woodhead in "Merry Mayhem" at Blair Mansion Inn.

Barbara Schelstrate (Music Director) was music director for The Children's Theatre's production of "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" (April 2002) and, prior to that, was music director for a production of "The Music Man" in February 2002.

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